Erik Younggren

Immediate Past President

E-mail: eyounggren (at)

Erik Younggren is a fourth-generation farmer in Hallock, Minn., where he produces wheat, sugar beets and soybeans in operation with two of his cousins.

An active member of the Minnesota Association Wheat Growers’ Board of Directors, Erik has represented his state on NAWG’s Domestic and Trade Policy, Operations and Planning and Budget Committees and on a subcommittee examining options for crop insurance policy.

Locally, Erik was a founding member of Rural Access (now Invisimax), a company that pioneered wireless broadband technology in rural areas. He has also served on the boards of his county economic development authority and his local curling club and been a member of his church’s Board of Deacons.

Erik is a past participant in the Wheat Industry Leaders of Tomorrow (WILOT) and Wheat Organization Leaders of the Future (WOLF) programs. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance with a minor in economics from Minnesota State University at Moorhead.

In his free time, Erik likes to curl, play hockey and golf and travel. Erik and his wife Angela were married in late 2009 and had their first child in late 2010.