Who We Are

NAWG is a nonprofit partnership of U.S. wheat growers who, by combining their strengths, voices and ideas, are working to ensure a better future for themselves, their industry and the general public.

In 1950, a handful of wheat growers from across the country formed the National Association of Wheat Growers to work toward common solutions and make decisions for the future of America’s wheat producers.

Since its founding, NAWG’s work has been focused on the policies of the U.S. government that affect the livelihoods of U.S. wheat producers. Learn more about what we work for in the sections below and throughout this website.

NAWG Today

Today, NAWG works with a team of 22 state wheat grower organizations to benefit the wheat industry at state and national levels. From their offices in the Wheat Growers Building on Capitol Hill, NAWG’s staff members are in constant contact with state association representatives, NAWG grower leaders, Members of Congress, Congressional staff members and the public.

NAWG’s government affairs staff members work on issues as diverse as federal farm policy and crop insurance, environmental regulation and research funding. NAWG also leads a number of efforts outside the Beltway to benefit wheat growers – including the quest to bring biotechnology’s benefits to wheat and efforts to find common ground between growers and the railroads that transport their products.

NAWG Vision and Mission

The NAWG Board of Directors approved new strategic plan goals in 2013, including the following vision and mission.

NAWG’s vision is: advancing wheat through advocacy, alliances and innovation.

NAWG’s mission is: to mobilize U.S. wheat farmers to advocate for beneficial policies, cultivate productive relationships with partners and the public, and champion opportunities through research, innovation, education and stewardship.

Board goals centered on advocacy, influence through partnerships, interfacing with the public and building the organization’s capacity. More detailed outcomes from the planning effort are available here.