Congress to Return to Budget, Priority Legislation

April 17, 2009 Bookmark and Share

Finalizing a budget resolution and weighing climate change priorities will dominate Congressional action when Members return next week from a two-week spring recess.

Both chambers passed budgets before leaving town, but differences in cost and health care reconciliation instructions could make conferencing challenging, though a final budget resolution is typically needed before issue-area appropriations work begins.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has planned a number of hearings in the coming weeks on draft climate change legislation. Though Congress has many pressing issues before it, there is increasing pressure for legislative action on the issue of global warming to address imminent regulation of greenhouse gases by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (See next story for more.)

Also, the House Agriculture Committee has scheduled a hearing for April 22 to discuss the effectiveness and operations of the federal crop insurance program. Bing Von Bergen, a wheat producer in Montana and immediate past chairman of the NAWG Domestic and Trade Policy Committee, will appear on a panel with representatives of other commodities to testify on behalf of NAWG.