Analysis of Biotech Comments Available at

May 29, 2009 Bookmark and Share

New analysis of comments NAWG received as part of a recent biotech petition effort is now online at

The NAWG-commissioned petition, results of which were released in February, showed that more than three-quarters of wheat growers responding supported the commercialization of biotechnology in wheat.

More than 21,000 growers received the petition language and a response card asking for their agreement or disagreement. The response cards also invited respondents to provide comments or concerns, which are summarized and addressed in the analysis.

Major topics covered in the five-page paper include market acceptance; glyphosate tolerance; concerns about excessive market influence by private companies; the role of public breeding programs in biotech development; coexistence with non-biotech and organic markets; and concerns that higher yields will lead to lower prices.

Extensive information about the petition effort – including petition language and state-by-state results – and NAWG’s work on biotechnology acceptance is also available at