100th Episode Milestone Nears for America’s Heartland

December 4, 2009 Bookmark and Share

The 100th episode of America’s Heartland, the public TV show about American agriculture, will begin showing on PBS stations throughout the country the week of Christmas.

Though content on the show is meant to be relevant for years to come and, therefore, won’t specifically reference the milestone, it is a cause for celebration among sponsors, promotional partners like NAWG and agriculturalists whose story is told weekly by the show.

Heartland, sponsored by Monsanto and the American Farm Bureau Federation, is now available on 19 of the top 25 stations in the U.S. and able to reach viewers in the most urban of urban areas in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.

The fifth season contains 22 episodes that are estimated to reach 44 million viewers through PBS stations and RFD-TV. Each month, tens of thousands more see the show online at www.americasheartland.org, where all new and old episodes are available.

Research done this spring confirmed anecdotal evidence that favorability towards agriculture improved dramatically as a result of seeing the show.

One of two annual meetings of the Heartland Advisory Board was held this week in Washington, D.C. NAWG Director of Communications Melissa Kessler and U.S. Wheat Associates Director of Communications Steve Mercer attended the meeting on behalf of the wheat industry.

A number of wheat-related segments have already aired in season five, including those at http://www.americasheartland.org/episodes/episode_508/a_life_plan.htm or http://www.americasheartland.org/episodes/episode_510/heartland_to_home.htm