Wheat Industry Booth Offers Information, 500 Pounds of Pasta

March 4, 2010 Bookmark and Share

From Commodity Classic (Anaheim, Calif.) – The Wheat Industry booth at the 2010 Commodity Classic trade show offers a full view of wheat grower organizations, featuring the National Association of Wheat Growers, U.S. Wheat Associates and the Wheat Foods Council.

The booth also highlights an important wheat product often over looked when discussing a crop that provides 20 percent of the world’s food calories – pasta.

Along with breads and cakes, pasta is among the most often consumed and most loved wheat products. Both nutritious and delicious, the product dates back to the fourth century BC, though American pasta production ramped up only after World War II, when pasta imports from Italy were banned.

The Wheat Industry booth at Commodity Classic opened Thursday with 500 packages of spaghetti and penne accenting the booth display, each package ready to go home with a booth visitor for future enjoyment.

The mountains of pasta were generously donated by the National Pasta Association’s member-company American Italian Pasta Company.

“Pasta is a fantastic and versatile wheat product, made from the hardest of wheats, durum,” said Lynn Holly, interim director of the Wheat Foods Council. “We were thrilled to work with the Pasta Association members to have their product here at the Classic show.”

The 2010 Classic booth is shared by NAWG, which manages federal policy on behalf of wheat growers and is a sponsoring organization of Commodity Classic; U.S. Wheat Associates, which promotes exports of U.S. wheat in more than 100 countries around the world; and the Wheat Foods Council, which works to educate nutritionists and the consuming public about the importance of wheat foods to a healthy diet. Though the three groups have separate boards, staffs and funding sources, they all represent wheat producers’ interests and work together frequently on communications projects.

Recipes and much more about pasta and other wheat food products are available online at www.wheatfoods.org.