NAWG Releases Farm Bill Survey to State Wheat Organizations

April 2, 2010 Bookmark and Share

NAWG released this week to affiliated state wheat associations a survey intended to gauge grower satisfaction with the safety net provided by the 2008 Farm Bill and seek ideas for the next round of farm policy discussions.

The NAWG Board approved the survey as part of a 2012 Farm Bill action plan at its meeting associated with the 2010 Commodity Classic, held last month in Anaheim, Calif.

While NAWG staff and policy committee leadership developed the survey questions, NAWG state associations will distribute the questionnaire to growers or others they think could constructively contribute to the discussion.

The survey asks a series of demographic questions and five policy questions including:

  1. Please rate the effectiveness of the current farm bill in providing a safety net for your farm (on a one to seven scale).
  2. Please explain your rating of the effectiveness of the current farm bill. Why do you believe is it effective or ineffective?
  3. Define the “safety net” for your farm.
  4. How would you say the safety net could be improved?
  5. What idea not already included in the 2008 Farm Bill would improve the safety net?

The survey is not – and is not intended to be – a scientific review of wheat growers’ attitudes, but rather seeks to get a general feeling from NAWG members and new and outside-the-box ideas.

Survey responses are due to the NAWG office by April 23 with results expected in mid-May.

The survey released this week is expected to be the first in a series to tap into the experiences wheat growers have had with current farm policy and their preferences in the 2012 law.