NAWG Officer Shares His Story, Life on the Farm in New Blog

August 20, 2010 Bookmark and Share

NAWG Second Vice President Erik Younggren has added a duty to his farm season schedule – blogging.

The Hallock, Minn., producer is sharing his farming season not just with his business partners and family, but also with readers online at

Younggren was spurred to start the blog by his work with wheat association boards, which has allowed him to meet many in the public and Congress who know almost nothing about real-life, day-to-day farming.

“As I’ve been coming to Washington the past few years, I’ve really realized that a lot of people have no idea what’s going on in the country,” he said. “Hopefully this blog will shed some light on what actually happens in reality.”

He sees his posts as a resource for those who may not know much about farming but want to learn and for others in the wheat industry who want to check in on crop progress in his region.

Younggren, who farms with two cousins near the Canadian border, started the blog in April and has kept up a consistent posting schedule, discussing rain storms, relationships he has with essential vendors, equipment breakdowns, public policy developments and everything in between.

To hear more from Younggren about why he stared the blog and what he hopes to achieve, visit the NAWG audio page at

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