Past and Future on Agenda at Foundation, Presidents Meetings

August 27, 2010 Bookmark and Share

Members of the NAWG Foundation Development Committee and past NAWG presidents from four decades met in Tampa, Fla., this week to review the Association’s current operations and look to the future.

The sessions gave NAWG staff and grower-leaders, who carry out activities on behalf of the Foundation, the opportunity to update all attendees on the work the Foundation is doing, including ongoing management of the Wheat Growers Building that houses NAWG and other tenants, and the sponsorship of multiple learning center sessions at the 2010 Commodity Classic.

The group also discussed policy areas that are emerging in NAWG’s work that could eventually meld with the Foundation’s educational and outreach mission, as well as an upcoming Foundation planning meeting that should set direction for the organization in the coming years.

The group benefited immensely from the perspective of the 10 NAWG past presidents in attendance, who served as long ago as 1978. This was the first meeting of past presidents to occur in many years, and NAWG plans to build on the experience by setting up a formal Past Presidents Council to advise Foundation activity.

The Foundation Development Committee is made up of agribusinesses interested in the development of the Foundation’s educational and outreach work. The Committee holds a stand-alone meeting with NAWG staff and grower-leaders each summer.