NAWG Board Approves New Climate Change Resolution

September 4, 2009 Bookmark and Share

A statement from Karl Scronce, NAWG president and a wheat producer from Klamath Falls, Ore.:

“The NAWG Board of Directors met this morning via conference call and voted 26 to two to approve a new resolution regarding greenhouse gas regulation. The Board also voted 24 to zero to remove existing resolutions relating to greenhouse gas regulation and an agriculture cap-and-trade program.

“The new resolution reads:

“’NAWG is opposed to greenhouse gas legislation or regulation that has a negative impact on production agriculture. NAWG will strive for a net economic benefit to farmers, agriculture and food production. We believe neither greenhouse gas regulation nor legislation should take effect until the major carbon emitting countries of the world have agreed to regulate their own greenhouse gases in a like manner to ours. NAWG urges USDA to do a detailed economic analysis of any legislation or regulation before it becomes law.  Furthermore, NAWG will oppose EPA regulation and will work to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.’

NAWG staff and grower-leaders plan to continue to work on this issue to achieve an outcome that the Board feels is in the best interest of our grower-members.