Pacific Northwest Region

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Pacific Northwest Region Map


Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington


5,479,000 (2010)

Wheat Classes

Soft White Winter/Spring, Hard White Winter, Hard Red Winter, Hard Red Spring, Hard White Spring, Durum

Number of Mills



Grain quality, weed management, Hessian fly control, cold tolerance, leaf and stripe rust, crown rot, root diseases, drought stress, nematodes, cadmium uptake

USDA-ARS Research Labs

Albany, CA; Aberdeen, ID; Corvallis, OR; Pendleton, OR; Pullman, WA including Regional Wheat Quality Lab, and Small Grains Genotyping Lab

Key Regional Universities

Washington State University, Oregon State University, University of Idaho, University of California-Davis

Key Products

Soft White = Asian style noodles, cakes, pastries and cereals

Export Destinations

Soft White = Japan, Philippines, Korea, Yemen, Indonesia