T-CAP Wheat and Barley Project

In January 2011, NIFA awarded a five-year Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) grant for the Triticeae Coordinated Agriculture Project (T-CAP), which focuses on wheat and barley.

The T-CAP is an ambitious projects that seeks to identify and exploit novel genes for wheat and barley improvement to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The project has dual goals of developing effective DNA-based breeding methods and public databases and training the next generation of plant breeders.

A total of 56 scientists in 21 states participate in this collaborative project; see a listing here.

T-CAP has already started to show results by genetically characterizing the National Small Grains Collection with approximately 9,000 SNPs markers and 40 million data points.

Appropriations that provide funding for AFRI are vital to continue T-CAP funding through the life of the project.

More about T-CAP is at the project’s website.