USDA’s Agriculture Research Service

The Agricultural Research Service, or ARS, is USDA’s in-house research organization undertaking 800 research projects with 2,200 scientists and post-docs in more than 90 locations.

The agency has an annual budget in excess of $1 billion, though cuts to ARS programs in recent fiscal years have reduced it by more than 10 percent.

ARS facilitates research in its own labs and in partnership with land-grant universities and research organizations around the country and the world.

ARS scientists work on every major wheat research challenge and with researchers at every major university engaged in wheat-related activities.

The vast majority of USDA’s annual spending related to wheat research, about $50 million, comes from ARS.

Significant research related to wheat occurs through ARS National Projects 301 (genetic resources and genomics), 303 (plant diseases) and 306 (quality and crop utilization).

Learn more about ARS at the agency’s website.