The Wheat Growers Building in Washington, D.C., was purchased by the Foundation in 1978. It houses three tenants as well as the NAWG office.

Because of the building’s proximity to Capitol Hill, it is a highly desirable location. In addition, the building has it’s own parking facility—a coveted perk for tenants.

The Foundation is working to form a robust building fund to finance necessary maintenance and upkeep to continue operational functions which are safe and in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia and attractive to tenants.

Some future projects might include the addition of solar panels to the roof, façade renovation or upgrading of meeting and work facilities to have full video conferencing capabilities in the NAWG office.

The building fund will also be available for repairs and updates to the interior of the building, utility upgrades and building security upgrades through the addition of video monitoring of the exterior and interior.