Wheat Info

Members of the wheat chain, the media and the public often turn to NAWG for guidance in finding the most up-to-date information about wheat production, consumption, exporting and use.

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Fast Facts

Learn some fun and interesting quick facts about wheat that are sure to impress your kids or friends.

Wheat Videos

Watch sample videos from NAWG’s collection on YouTube and from America’s Heartland, the only public television show about American agriculture.

Producing Wheat

Learn more about how wheat goes from seed to harvest and what wheat growers do every day.

Buying and Selling Wheat

Learn about wheat markets and the wheat export system.


Learn more about why grain foods are an important part of a healthy diet.


Learn about all the things you can make from wheat – bread, cookies, cakes, pasta…the possibilities are nearly endless.

Statistics and Reports

Learn about how to find statistical information about the wheat industry, from USDA and other sources.

Other Wheat Groups

Learn about the many organizations that work on behalf of wheat growers, millers, researchers, users and more.