Perhaps the best part of wheat is its end use – fabulous grain products, from bagels to pasta to the standard for thousands of years, bread.

Want to know more about what you can do with flour and grain-based products? Check out these excellent wheat-industry resources.

National Group Recipe Resources

The Wheat Foods Council maintains a robust, categorized recipe page and a home bakers’ guide to types of flour.

The Grain Foods Foundation offers recipes from celebrity chefs and others.

The Home Baking Association website includes recipes, baking tips and more for both home bakers and educators.

State Group Recipe Resources

Kansas Wheat offers many recipes online as well as an annual recipe booklet.

The Oklahoma Wheat Commission’s recipe page includes a downloadable recipe book, a home-sized recipe for their famous cinnamon rolls and instructions for making Mark’s Whole-Grain Wheat Bread.

The North Dakota Wheat Commission also offers an online version of their recipe book.

The Idaho Wheat Commission also has an extensive listing of recipes for wheat-based products.