partners-300x300-copyThe NAWG Industry Partners Council (IPC) is comprised of representatives from our value chain partners who participate in the five levels of IPC engagement. Companies and organizations can achieve these levels through a single-funded NAWG program, project or a combination of multiple-funded NAWG programs or projects.

The IPC meets at least twice each year (at the Fall and Winter Wheat Conferences) to discuss current issues facing the wheat industry, identify potential future issues and determine strategies to resolve those issues by NAWG and the IPC working in concert.

Wheat value chain partners can participate in the IPC at the following levels:

  • Friends of Wheat Partners (minimum $5,000 annual commitment)
  • Champions of Wheat Partners (minimum $10,000 annual commitment)
  • Distinguished Partner (minimum $20,000 annual commitment)
  • Premier Partner (minimum $35,000 annual commitment)
  • President Partner (minimum $50,000 annual commitment)

Our value chain partners gain tangible benefits at each IPC level of engagement. Benefits include, but are not limited to, receiving the weekly newsletter, special partner event invitations, and print, public and web advertisements, interaction with wheat organization leaders at selected events.

To learn more about the IPC and how your company can become involved, please contact NAWG at 202-547-7800.

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